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For me the fun is simple. All I need is a camera and a backpack. Everything else is just there for the "taking".  Start inhaling a deep breath of the lightest, most exquiste air.  Then find any trail and discover breathtaking vistas, blue  skies, crafted boulders and trees that reach for the heavens. Listen to the birds serenade you.  And finally enjoy and learn of the brillant gems below - the wildflowers. What else could heaven be?


Warm-up Hikes

If you're just getting acclimated to the altitude or have small children, these strolls will be a good way to get ready for more rigorous activity.

Easier Hikes

If you really want to enjoy the flowers, sometimes the easier hikes can be the most fun. The following hike will not have you concerned with sore body parts or shortness of breath. You can concentrate on flowers only.


Moderate Difficulty Hikes

In many ways these hikes are the best. They represent a comfortable blend of physical activity and scenic wonder. For this extra work, we get to see some of the hidden wonders of the Sierra Nevada and feel good about exploring beyond those places most others go.

Strenuous Hikes

Just making it to the top is satisfaction itself with these hikes. The view from the summits are unforgettable. Try to pick a clear day when you can see forever. Flowers are icing on the cake. And in the case of Mount Rose, you will treated to a great sampler of the Alpine flowers, only a few of which can be found elsewhere around Lake Tahoe.

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