Pole Creek

Comments:   This walk is relatively easy because you use your car to do most of the climbing.  This trail meanders into a hillside where you will find many interesting and rare flowers including the Dwarf Hesperchiron, Drummond’s Anemone (early), and the Fringed Grass of Parnassus (late). If you are in a rock-climbing mood, with a little extra effort you can find some additional flowers while enjoying a touch of acrophobia too.Pole-Creek-Scene

Directions: Beginning in Tahoe City you travel north on Route 89 to the Squaw Valley entrance. Continue for another 2.2 miles and turn left onto a paved road (and a sign indicating Pole Creek) that quickly turns to dirt. Continue for 2.8 miles (starting with the dirt) till you come to gated road on you left (this is the first dirt road on the left after you take the narrow bridge over Pole Creek). That’s the trailhead to Pole Creek.  You follow the dirt road about 2 miles and then take a smaller dirt road to the left (there is a sign on the right about Balance in nature).  You have missed this turnoff if you come on the A frame house.  Just back up a little.  The meadows and rock cliffs appear on your right  (see picture).